Thursday, March 24, 2011

We haaaaave 50!!!

So.  I've got my 50.  I guess that means I'd better start thinking about my book...  Luckily this Sunday is writer's club, so I'm going to beg my fellow writer-buddies to help me come up with an outline for my book.  I'm still kinda stuck on chapter two...   : /

Also, I'm sick.  Tonsillitis.  No good.  This week just might kill me.  BUT, on the slightly less gloomy side, I now have 50 cheerleaders (more or less... I lost count when it hit 47-ish) to get me through!  My sister is already in the act of kicking my butt.  It's like volunteering for an extra week of boot camp, just for "fun."  No fun.  The pressure hasn't hit me yet, but when it does, it might be the first time I've cried since, like, yesterday.

uuummmm.... so wish me luck!

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