Sunday, March 27, 2011

scared face time

So I totally missed my writer's club meeting thing because I was too busy finding Jesus and having girl time with my cousins.  Anyway, this is bad, because I didn't get to freak out with my writing club buddies and work on an outline for my book.  I NEED to start writing tomorrow if I want to get my book finished in time.  I don't think I'll be able to do it, but at this point, I'm doing it anyway...

I think I'll set up my book to have 13ish scenes.  Not chapters; scenes.  They'll just be random ones throughout Katelyn Rose's life.  I'm thinkin' this book doesn't have to be too long; I just really want it to be quality stuff.  Here are the themes I want to explore:

the tragedy of living a lie
the inevitability of misunderstanding between individuals
the chasm that separates males and females
time, in a non-linear fashion (or at least disjointed)
what would have happened if I had made the wrong choice

These are just a few themes I want to incorporate.  There are plenty more.  :)  I'm actually excited to get started!!!  If only I didn't have piles of homework to do, lists of chores to complete, a bajillion papers to grade, munchkins to nanny, family to visit (which, in actuality, is necessary to my health), relationships to deal with, etc. etc...  So much time, so little of which I am a part!  BLEH!  MUST WRITE!

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