Saturday, April 2, 2011

36, 448

Yep.  That's how many words I have so far.  And yet... they're totally disjointed.  I have a lot of work to do before my words turn into a story.  Back to it.

Friday, April 1, 2011

still hope...

So I have no idea where my book really stands.  I have been inundated with drama over the past few weeks, and this week was no easier, so... my book still has yet to be written.  But!  There is hope, still hope, always hope...  I'm going to keep pulling from all the diary entries I've written over the past years, and then piece them together into one fat cry for help.  Poor little Katelyn Rose is still trapped in my head; she needs liberation via paper and pen.  :(  Elsewise I fear she'll perish...

So.  First step:  brainstorm/outline.  Second:  figure out what I already have that I can use, and what I still need to write.  Third:  compile what I already have.  Fourth:  write what I need to write.  Fifth:  stitch everything together and give it one full read-through, out loud, to identify problem areas (revise as I go through it).  Lastly:  figure out how to make my book available online on Monday, April 4, 2011 for my famous fifty!!!

... but firstest first:  put away clothes, eat food, tidy up.  and somewhere in the midst of writing:  work as nanny, grade papers, do pooploads of homework, spend all day Sunday with my friend (confessing said drama), buy plane ticket to Europe, plan college campus visits in detail (because I have to choose which college I wanna go to before the end of April!!!  AARSDHGLJ A), call grandparents, and find my own center.  Hopefully the writing will help with that last part.  I do love writing... I am ready for you, my love!

Cheers and luck.  :)