Thursday, March 17, 2011


Man, this is just like my first blog post last semester.  I have nooo idea what to blog about, because I haven't really been writing anything.  Which, in itself, is worth posting about...

I think it's time to make a promise.

Let's see.  I write because it's like spitting my soul out onto the paper, so I'm not all bound up in my own emotions.  My life's ambition is to have children, but I don't know if that's going to happen... so my characters are my children.  My precious Katelyn Rose, especially.  I don't know where she even came from; she just popped into my life, and now I'm desperately trying to create a world for her to exist in.  Otherwise she'll be homeless, and die of bitter cold.  I write because the act itself lifts me out of my depression.  I write because I never know what to say, but I do know how to write it.  I write because sometimes, I am nothing but words, and I need a home, too - so I flop down on the page, spin around a couple times, collapse in exhaustion, and sleep off the confusion.  I write because I am this.

BUT.  I haven't been writing lately (except for in my creative writing class, but that's only revision, and I am really craving a fresh story).  It's like I've given up.  I'm taking 20 units in college, I have three jobs, I'm barely able to keep my apartment, not to mention my relationships... and I always leave my creative writing homework until minutes before it's due.  This needs to change.  That's why, instead of sleeping - which I haven't done in days - I'm writing this blog post about how I don't write anymore, hoping it's the first step.  I don't want to leave my writing for last.  I mean, c'mon!  I'm a creative writing major!!!  I need to get my act together.  So.  This is me, thinking about my writing FIRST for once in a long time.  It's time to get my priorities in order.  I'll be back tomorrow night.  I promise.

~Jaclyn Marie

p.s.  Katelyn Rose says hi!!!

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