Friday, October 8, 2010


Jaclyn Marie's mouth hangs agape as she processes how ridiculously easy it was to make a blog.  OK.  So this is the magic internet stuff she's been hearing about for years...  Definitely doable.  Do-able.  Whatever.

I have no idea where to start!  um... okay.  I named this blog after my novel, which is nowhere near finished, but which also boasts a hefty 31,399 words (relic of a past NaNoWriMo).  I'm greatly looking forward to actually writing again pretty soon here - this summer I only wrote one good story, and nothing since then.  But I've been talking to some coworkers of mine - Hannah (I love you Hannah!!!) and Tabitha and Paula - who have a writing club thing.  So, I'll pretty much be forced to produce at least a chapter every week.  Naturally, I plan on cheating a little at first; I'm ridiculously busy, so I'm just going to do a quick but THOROUGH (which automatically equals "not quick in the slightest") revision of the first and last chapters of my novel, which I will then proceed to present to these lovely strong women... with bated breath.  I actually don't have a solid confidence in my writing abilities whatsoever.  Oh well.

Wow... it's super easy to go on and on talking about myself on a blog... especially since I'm fairly certain no one (with the exception of Junebug... maybe... because she has to grade it as a midterm project) will be reading this.  Hmmm... so I can say whatever I want...


okay.  I'm done.  For now (mwa-ha-ha...)


  1. Oh no! I think I spelled Tabitha wrong!

    uh-oh, I sense the beginning of a fierce battle between me, myself, I, and my disturbing inclination to proof-read everything... this blog thing might just end in my collapse.

  2. Jaclyn,

    I know what you mean! Posting for the world is so scary...I find myself re-reading my blog even after posting and changing/editing things like a dozen times before I just want SCREAM! How do these simple bits escape us? It's like a torture! AHHH!

    I bet I re-read this comment like 20 times before I even post it for the same reason. Posting to the masses makes me very nervous. But you are doing great so far, and I love following your blog. Keep up the good work!