Sunday, October 24, 2010

Second Writer's Club Meeting

This previous Friday I introduced Jujubee to my writing club friends.  I've read her story aloud a few times before:  once when I had just barely finished, sitting at my brother's table while he and his youngest daughter listened; another time in Santa Barbara, to my (awesome!!! *ahem*) cousins and extended family; and once more, at a Philosophy, Arts and Science Alliance (P.A.S.A.) club meeting... my audience was seven men, one of whom was my professor.  That last time was kind of funny, because all my stories start out with "once upon a time"... not exactly the most captivating word choice when it comes to men.  But seeing as, within six pages, catastrophe manages to occur on many levels, I think I won them over.  Friday, however, I was submitting little Jujubee to the test:  two highly intelligent, brightly unique, frighteningly attentive grammar-nazis.

I am happy to report that Jujubee's story, "Her Daughter's Flower", was successful.  (And yes, I know that comma after the story title was supposed to go inside the quotation marks, but I hate that rule, so, bleh.)  Anyway, my story was even more successful than I had dared to hope - my friends picked up on the subtle humor, the clever word choice, and the four major themes, being:  the crushing, sapping power of hard determinism; the relativity of time; the freeing fact that action allows no thought; and the rather unfortunate inability of any being to fully understand another.

Actually, after telling my friends the back-story behind Jujubee's former caretaker (the little girl), and the intense relationship the girl had had with her parents, my friends prompted me to write down those characters' stories as well.  So, in my lovely expanse of free time *cough* I do indeed plan to write a prequel to "Her Daughter's Flower".  It's all in my head already (it has been for months) so all I need to do is just SIT, FOCUS, and WRITE!!!

um, after I get my homework done...

  : (


  1. Awesome, the power of sharing your work, ftf!

  2. ummm... *small naive face* what does "ftf" mean? I read it as "phthuph"...

    but yeah, seriously, sharing work makes revision a TON easier, and it also motivates me to have something new every Friday. :D