Thursday, October 14, 2010

plot outlines

bleh.  I just finished writing plot outlines for chapters one and two of my book.  Definitely necessary, but totally exhausting as well.  I'm looking forward to actually having a chapter two; I've always kinda skipped that part.  I went straight from chapter one to the middle, and from there to the end.  Now I just need to fill in the gaps.  And boy, are there gaps!  I'm also totally psyched about my new and improved chapter one.  It was in desperate need of revamping, seeing as I haven't actually revised it.  Ever.  I just randomly wrote it a couple years back, and went from there.

Also, I'm considering adding some new characters.  I want to introduce them for flavor, so that we can see many different aspects of the "essence of female."  There will be a girl named Blaise; she was A FIRE INSIDE (clever band/semantic joke) her mother's belly, and she's only been building up strength over the years.  Now she scorches like a wildfire.  Then there will be Basil - uh-oh, research time:  I'm going to need to hunt down some pizza, because I totally have no clue what basil tastes like.  Although, seeing as I have very little sense of taste, the pizza most likely will not provide any insight.  Whatever...  I like pizza.

OK, anyway, the point is:  I want to incorporate a bunch more symbolism into my work.  Seeing as my story is set in Thoughtland, where the intangible becomes tangible, I think it appropriate to bring the inner demons out to play, so to speak.

I'm not entirely sure that last sentence will make sense to anyone but me...

~Jaclyn Marie


  1. Love reading your process--it is hard work, yes! But worth it 'cause if you don't do it, the writing just nags at your soul.


  2. Thats exactly how I feel when i write too. It might not make sense to anyone else but i know where im heading with it. Good luck writing the next chapter. :)